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Sergio Gutierrez


Sergio Gutierrez is a gifted live painter and musician based in Southern California.  Since first picking up a brush in 2011, he has developed his own interesting style of painting and an undeniable skill for portraits of legendary musicians, movie stars, characters, etc.  Sergio's personality of high positivity and passion burst out of his paintings, which are recognizable for their striking contrasts, colorful patterns, and exuberantly painted imagery.


Already an accomplished musician, Sergio has combined both passions of painting portraits and guitar performance to create a beautiful fusion:  Sergio’s Live Art + Live Music! This one-man show is currently booking for events around the world in 2019.

Sergio’s Live Art and Live Music

A one-man show combining large-scale live painting with acoustic guitar... fusion of Art and Music!

Sergios fine art live art
Sergio Gutierrez

Sergios fine art live art

“Sergio’s Live Art and Live Music” pairs acoustic guitar performance with large-scale acrylic paintings on canvas, a one-man show that flows naturally from music to visual art.


Beginning with live acoustic music, he then drops the guitar and picks up a paint brush!  While painting, the perfect playlist of music for your event sets the mood.


The performance comes full circle as Sergio completes the painting.  The show can be 2 hours of atmosphere experience, or a 20-minute session opener... fully customizable to the client’s vision!

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