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Funky Joe’s

455 W. 56th St.,

New York, NY

Sergio’s Live Art and Live Music

A one-man show combining large-scale live painting with acoustic guitar... fusion of Art and Music!


Jan 4 @ 7PM

Jan 5 @ 9PM

Jan 6 @ 10PM


Funky Joe’s

455 W. 56th St., New York, NY

Sergio Gutierrez
A One-Man Show
Live Art & Live Music

“Sergio’s Live Art and Live Music” pairs acoustic guitar performance with large-scale acrylic paintings on canvas, a one-man show that flows naturally from music to visual art.


Beginning with live acoustic music, he then drops the guitar and picks up a paint brush!  While painting, the perfect playlist of music for your event sets the mood.


The performance comes full circle as Sergio completes the painting.  The show can be 2 hours of atmosphere experience, or a 20-minute session opener... fully customizable to the client’s vision!

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